The Social Justice Center of Marin

The Social Justice Center of Marin (SJCM) works to promote Social Justice in the Marin community, in our country and in the world. We work with individuals and other organizations as part of a progressive political movement to support peace, social and environmental justice locally and globally. We want to keep you informed, aware and inspired. By staying active in local events we raise community awareness and the resulting cooperation helps us find solutions. Our events and calendar page will give you more information about what we are doing in the near future. We at SJCM are working within the community to help people create solutions to everyday problems. We invite you to volunteer and join us in building a stronger community.

About SJCM is dedicated to the following mission:

  • To engage in and to provide information about issues which affect public policy in social, economic and environmental arenas.
  • To seek out and work toward solutions that foster the attainment of a sustainable, just society.
  • To support and participate with individuals and coalitions that promote authentic democracy, human rights, equality and a healthy environment for all.
  • To empower citizens to be more effective through a process of education leading to inspiration and activism.

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The Social Justice Center of Marin (SJCM), is a 501(c)3 and a 501(c)4 organization.  SJCM works to promote Social Justice in the Marin community, in our country and in the world. We work with individuals and other organizations as part of a progressive political movement to support peace, social and environmental justice locally and globally.


The Social Justice Center of Marin produces the Marin Activist Newsletter and Blog.

Our local writers engage our community with local issues that affect our daily lives, creating thought provoking discussions, many times leading to action. Please contact us if you want participate.


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SJCM and the Media Action Marin Action Committee

We continue to be an influential force in creating CMCM TV. This task force works both on issues surrounding KPFA and the Pacifica Foundation and on issues relating to community access television here in Marin. The most recent focus is the franchise agreement that is being negotiated by the Marin Telecommunications Agency with Comcast.  

The Media Action Marin task force is working to ensure that the Marin community has access to the public airwaves, which we own, and that Broadband be available to the unserved and underserved. This task force has recently completed their Media Democracy Bill of Rights for Telecommunications Policy. Both areas of focus are fundamental for giving communities a voice other than in our corporate-controlled undemocratic media.


An urgent request has been received from several KPFA and Pacifica board members for help from Marin County.
A reconstruction effort is underway to avoid the demise of the best progressive news worthy radio station on the air today.
Please view this film, THE TIME HAS COME and express your thoughts via phone or email.  If you are interested in joining the group working to save KPFA, the time is now to make contact.  415 388 2821

Make Marin Count: 2020 Census

The 2020 Census will likely be the most difficult census in recent history, and there could not be more at stake. With the 2020 Census less than two years away, California and Marin County are at serious risk of an undercount which would result in the loss of billions of dollars in Medicaid, SNAP, and Medicare resources as well as a congressional seat. However, with the addition of the citizenship question and the climate of fear cultivated by the federal administration, ensuring a complete and accurate count, particularly among the state’s immigrant communities and communities of color, will be more difficult than ever. Dr. Robert Eyler, Chief Economist, Marin Economic Forum Paul M. Cohen, Principal, PMCohen Public Affairs Lia Bolden, Partership Specialist San Francisco Bay Area, U.S. Census Bureau Kristin Drumm, Senior Planner, Marin County Community Development Agency Canal Alliance hosted this event to bring together leaders, information resources and ideas to ensure everyone counts in Marin County.

California YIMBY is a community of neighbors who welcome more neighbors. We believe that an equitable California begins with abundant, secure, affordable housing. We focus on housing and land use policy at the state and local level to ensure grassroots organizers and city leaders have the tools they need to accelerate home building. Our current housing policies have set up a lose-lose situation, where newcomers compete with long-term residents for sparse – and therefore increasingly expensive – housing. We are building a grassroots movement and empowering local YIMBY organizations to lay the groundwork for more housing construction for people of all income levels, which will reduce displacement, temper home prices and rents, and allow California communities to grow responsibly.

Join Marin YIMBY We are building our base. Do you have friends being priced out of Marin, forced to move? Get them to join in and raise our voices so our elected officials hear the need for more affordable housing. Join people from across Marin frustrated by the lack of housing here to talk about how we can take action and make sure Marin County has room for everyone. We’ll get to know one another, go over opportunities for action at the local and state level, and discuss tried and true organizing methods to help us bring about the change we need.