Action Committees (aka: task forces) provide focused efforts for areas of interest. They are formed by passionate individuals who garner support and assistance from SJCM as they endeavor to improve social justice.

Below is a brief summary of Action Committees. We invite you to volunteer, and participate with SJCM or with any Action Committee activities!


Our Anti-Nuclear Action Committee works locally to promote the idea that nuclear weapons are invalid and illegal instruments of a national foreign policy. We support multilateral nuclear disarmament and recognize that as the major world nuclear power, the United States has a responsibility to take a lead role in promoting nuclear disarmament. We seek a rapid reduction in our nation’s nuclear arsenal, the end of “launch on warning” and a prompt and steep reduction in our nation’s expenditures for nuclear weapon research. For more information please call Jon Oldfather at (415) 485-0434.


Bridge of Hearts was created after Jes Richardson’s second trip to Iran in 2010.  He wanted to build a bridge of understanding between the American and Iranian people.  “The Beautiful People of Iran” can soon be viewed on his website:  Jes is also known for his ten foot tall Gandhi Puppet and the Gandhi Peace Train. Contact Jes for more information:


Health care is a universal human need. Our Health Care for All task force works towards an effective single payer solution. For more information please email Ellen Karel at


The Marin Activist is our quarterly newsletter. We work hard to publish important and timely information relevant to the local activist community. To help out, write or for more information, please email us at or call (415) 388-2821.


In 2010 and 2011, the Marin City Nutrition Program task force developed and expanded new programs within the schools in the Marin City Sausalito School District. The children that participated feel very proud of their efforts to bring fresh healthy food into the school. There is now a Wellness Council that ensures that the food prepared for the schools is “fresh, organic and plentiful!” For more information please call Leticia Jones at (415) 368-2333.


Our Marin General Hospital Action Committee works to ensure that our district hospital maintains a high standard of care. Marin General Hospital has been transferred from Sutter Health back to the Marin Healthcare District. At the time of the transfer, the District approved the appointment of a community based board to govern Marin General Hospital and created detailed requirements for the District to receive regular reports regarding hospital operations and quality of care. Since then things have gone very well with regard to hospital operations and physician relations. Plans are underway to rebuild Marin General Hospital into a seismically safe, state of the art health care facility and there will be a measure on the November ballot in 2013 asking voters to approve a bond to help finance the rebuilding of Marin General Hospital. For more information please email Jennifer Rienks at or call (415) 456-8882.


The Media Action Marin Action Committee was an influential force in creating CMCM TV. This task force works both on issues surrounding KPFA and the Pacifica Foundation and on issues relating to community access television here in Marin. The most recent focus is the franchise agreement that is being negotiated by the Marin Telecommunications Agency with Comcast. The Media Action Marin task force is working to ensure that the Marin community has access to the public airwaves, which we own, and that Broadband be available to the unserved and underserved. This task force has recently completed their Media Democracy Bill of Rights for Telecommunications Policy. Both areas of focus are fundamental for giving communities a voice other than in our corporate-controlled undemocratic media. For more information, please call Norman Carlin at (415) 332-2910.


Our Peace Alliance Action Committee is also known as the Northern California Campaign for a Department of Peace. We are part of a national group, The Peace Alliance, that is committed to passing legislation for a U.S. Department of Peacebuilding that would advocate and build a culture of peace in the United States through the research, development and promotion of evidence based programs that teach non-violence and conflict resolution. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help support the Peace Alliance Task Force, please email Lorrie Norby at or call (415) 381-2157.


We are working with Marin City towards a Land and Community Trust to ensure fair housing available for everyone. For more information please email B. Emily Sykes at or call (415) 388-2821.


Our Water Coalition Action Committee helped stop desalination in the bay area. We are working on other ways to conserve water and help the planet. For more information please email Kerry Stoebner at


Other issues our members are currently working on through SJCM include Globalization, Poor and Needy and Death Penalty Moratorium Task Forces. If you are interested in getting actively involved in any of our task forces, please call The Social Justice Center of Marin at (415) 388-2821.