We hope to raise community awareness. To this end, SJCM partners with and supports a number of groups. We urge you to help out or use these resources as needed.



350Marin is made up of grassroots activists who are deeply concerned about climate breakdown. Regionally, we’re affiliated with 350 Bay Area which is working to achieve a significant decrease in all heat-trapping gases both locally and statewide. Globally, we’re part of the 350 movement, that’s continuing to grow in 188 countries around the world. Please consider becoming a vital part of our planet’s future. Our web site lists a number of things you can do to get involved. If you have time for a more serious commitment, please see the 350Marin volunteer page. For more information call Barbara Bogard at (415) 388-2018. We hope you’ll join us.

The Answer Coalition is a worldwide community of Grassroots Organizations working together to empower and help people. They sponsor and support a wide variety of demonstrations and events.

Bay Area Legal Aid provides invaluable help to Marin County residents in getting a wide variety of public benefits. Please support them anyway you can.

Canal Alliance’s mission is to help low-income, Spanish-speaking immigrants acquire the tools they need to thrive. Canal Alliance’s vision is to build a pathway to success for families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. If you want to know where you can make a real difference in peoples’ lives, please see the Canal Alliance Volunteer Program.

The Community Media Center of Marin provides Marin and beyond with a source of non commercial cable programming. They are an extremely valuable asset to the community. They have a live stream here: Live stream. If you would like to join or learn more about an organization that gives back to the community, please visit their website.

Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world. Their mission is to change the world into people centered local economies and democracies.

MPJC Join a movement that lifts the human spirit, that embraces the Bill of Rights, that creates a true democracy, an independent media and a sustainable world with peace and justice for all! MPJC would like to invite you to join us in working towards these goals. Moved by the event of 9/11 we came together to challenge our government’s unethical and illegal military response. Peaceful and just solutions will prevail only if we examine our nation’s policies at home and abroad and address the root causes of war and terrorism. Let us be guided by compassion as we challenge war and stop the terror of poverty, inequality and injustice. Let us bring together the widening circle who want to make real a world that works for all. SJCM collaborates with MPJC to organize events in the Marin area.

Our Calendar provides a list of upcoming events. Weekly Film Series:  Thanks to the continued cooperation of CMCM TV, and MPJC, we are able to present a special consciousness raising film each week. For more information and show times for this week’s presentation, please see SJCM events.

Third World Traveler is an archive of articles and book excerpts that seek to tell the truth about American democracy, media, and foreign policy. We hope you will work with one of our sister organizations. If you are still wondering where to volunteer, or are looking for volunteer help in Marin County, please contact Volunteer Marin.

They are an excellent clearing house for donated skill sets in Marin County. Volunteer Marin operates as a program of The Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership. This organization has provided valuable support to the Marin Community for more than 50 years. Please contact them if you need volunteers or would like to donate.