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Justine Daniel

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Frank Topper

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Angela Parker


The Board of Directors of the Social Justice Center of Marin are chosen by the entire membership and functions in an open manner.


The Board of the Social Justice Center of Marin (SJCM), meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm. The meeting location varies from month to month. Please call (415) 388-2821 for more information.

Members of the 501(c)(4) Board

Justine Daniel (415) 883-8188

Jes Richardson jes_richardson@yahoo.com

Frank Topper (415) 497-6800 franktopper@sbcglobal.net

Angela Parker (415) 672-4846

Norm Carlin (415) 332-2910 norm.z.carlin@gmail.com

Members of the 501(c)(3) Board

B. Emily Sykes (415) 388-2821 bemilysykes@yahoo.com
Justine Daniel (415) 883-8188

Advisory Council

The Social Justice Center of Marin is grateful for the assistance of the following Advisory Council Members:

Steve Bingham, Jonathan Frieman, Susan Kirsch, Jon Oldfather, Larry Rose