If you’ve been asking “where can I volunteer in Marin County?”, the SJCM has many opportunities for you.  We would really like to have you volunteer with us.  Here are options:


1. Fill out the Volunteer Form below and we will contact you.
2. Consider contacting one of the organizations listed on our Community Resources page.
3. If you just want to become a member of SJCM and receive our newsletter and information, please contact us.


Volunteers can help in all types of activities for SJCM, depending on what you like to do.  For example, areas include: Art, Computers, Event Funding, Mail Team, Fundraising, Web Design, and any other activities. 



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We also gratefully accept any donations. (For a tax-deductible donation, please make your check payable to “The SJCM Education Fund”.)

The Social Justice Center of Marin
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San Anselmo CA 94979-2409
(415) 388-2821